What is The Lift Seminar?

The Lift Accelerator is personal productivity training for those who want to achieve massive results faster.

  • Based on principles and research from world-leading performance experts and on experience from hugely successful entrepreneurs

  • A focus on self-leadership, then self-management. The course begins with your values and goals, and then how to hack your habits and personal systems to get more done with less stress.

  • Designed for entrepreneurs with MBA-level capability and experience

Course overview

the seminar is a 6-hour interactive experience designed to make experts of those who want to move faster and accomplish more with less stress.

  • Primer on maximizing tech tools to go be more productive with email, calendar, note-taking and task management.

  • Packed with practical exercises for application

  • Video interviews of how leading entrepreneurs get things done

  • Online content library for deeper study

student feedback from beta session at harvard business school

Engaging, very motivating, nailed the pain points and provided great solutions.

I think every HBS student should go through this course - it was tremendously helpful!

Max was extremely relatable and believable, unlike presenters in other "self-help" type seminars.

One of the highlights of my RC year so far. MANY THANKS.

Excellent content and delivery.

Very practical workshop.  I was very skeptical of the value of the workshop, but I walked away with clear and actionable items that I can apply today to make a change in my life.

Great seminar, I'm very happy I came!!!

Great session overall, very practical and applicable actions, fantastic closing, very thought provoking.

What will you take away?

unlike other personal effectiveness paradigms, This is far more than just reading a blog or a book about successful habits (which you forget you read a week later).

In the seminar, you will not only learn the principles and practices of the most effective people in the world, you will begin to actually apply them to your life.

Specifically, you will walk away with:

A clearer sense of your lifelong personal mission

Frameworks for annual, quarterly, and weekly goal setting

A low-stress, flexible, prioritized weekly ninja schedule for managing workflow and executing on goals

Training for overcoming the most common productivity barriers like distraction, multi-tasking, and the YouTube sinkhole 

A recipe and launch point for mastery of email, networking, contact management, and more

About YOUR TEACHER, Maxwell Anderson

Max is the founder of Stagecoach Ventures, a partner at praxis labs and publisher of The Weekend Reader

He co-founded the MBA Oath upon graduating with honors from Harvard Business School and the Harvard Kennedy School in 2009. He co-authored a book of the same title, The MBA Oath (Penguin), with Peter Escher in 2010.

Max has spoken at universities, companies, and not-for-profit organizations across the United States and Europe. He has written for The Financial Times and Forbes. His work has been profiled by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, NPR's Weekend Edition, and dozens of other media outlets.

Max received an A.B. in History from Princeton University. He began his career at McKinsey & Co. in New York City, followed by work with leading organizations across the for-profit and non-profit world including Google, The Charlie Rose Show, Redeemer Presbyterian Church and, most recently, Bridgewater Associates -- where he served in a number of leadership capacities as a member of the firm's senior management cohort and as director of the firm's Investment Associate leadership program. He has advised dozens of start-ups on building effective cultures and worked with their founders in developing as leaders.